Raul Orozco
Staff Reporter

People dream of getting into leadership positions and changing the ways of different institutions, events, or small groups to their views.

Everyone can be a leader in their way, although some are better than others. More young people need to be stepping in and start becoming leaders all over the world.

The world is constantly changing and this requires adaptation and quick thinking to take place. We’ve recently seen the COVID-19 pandemic cause a lot of mayhem and sudden changes anywhere you look. Leaders took charge and did what they thought was for the best.

Unfortunately, some changes weren’t made around the world or there was a reluctance to change thus making our situation worse. A lot of the world’s leaders and influential people are old school and have a chance of causing more harm than good in a lot of situations. 

Everyone always dismisses the younger generations because of sayings such as “We are inexperienced, we don’t know as much, and we’re not mature yet” but the Flynn Effect says otherwise.

As each generation progresses, the coming generations average a three-point advantage in an IQ test and as the tests suggest, they become more intelligent. The younger generations of leaders can also have a much better perspective on new and old issues solely based on the fact that they had to deal with those problems with the older leaders. 

Old school methods need to change in order to better prepare things for the future, and young leaders recognize that. Procedures die out and new plans come in to replace them that also increase productivity and resourcefulness.

However, older generations, in general, are not open to change. In a study run by psychologists at the UV University of Amsterdam, young leaders and CEO’s were seen as more innovative than those 20 years older than them. This world needs to change badly and it needs to be recognized. 

In my hometown, I used to work at Sonic Drive-In. I was trained by a friend named Mario and he was a crew leader. He taught me all that he knew and added little tips and tricks to help increase efficiency and speed. I got moved to another shift and was trained with another person, and an older woman. She was constantly telling me what to fix what I was doing because the way Mario taught me was not the way she was trained.

When I worked with her I was slower and messed up a lot with orders. When I worked with Mario I received praise from the managers because of my speed and accuracy. Whenever I got promoted I trained others with my own little tips and tricks and some that Mario taught me. I completely disregarded anything that the lady taught me because there needed to be some change in that store.

At that time we saw lower turnover rates, faster order times, and a generally happy workplace. The change was needed and Mario kicked off new innovative ways to kick me off into my form of leadership.

I’m against generalizing any sort of group. All cops aren’t bad, all illegal immigrants aren’t criminals, and not all white people are racists. There are some very good leaders out there who are older such as Warren Buffett (85), Lee Kun Hee (71) and Bill Gates (64). Yet these guys aren’t afraid of asking for advice, bettering their ways and seeking advice from different sets of people. Most older generations, as I’ve said, are almost afraid of change and are stuck in their ways. 

Young people have had a multitude of positive figures in their heads that they can look up to. They have the examples set out before them, all they need to do is learn to be leaders and better people. These generations need to fight and push themselves into the top of institutions, events or groups and lead them through a new and innovative way that will make this world a better place.