By Joshua Eibl
Staff reporter

On March 6, the women’s soccer team continued their winning streak with a 1-0 overtime victory over Concordia in a non-conference matchup. They won their last six consecutive matches.

“There were moments where we played well, and there were moments where we showed some areas for improvement because we let them take control over the game and took a half step off,” said women’s head coach Joe Wood.

“We were reacting to the game and didn’t win the first and second balls in the last twenty minutes of the regular time,” said Wood.

The women’s soccer team outworked Concordia and flipped the switch in overtime, according to Wood.

Hailey Rouse, sophomore forward, said, “After scoring the winning goal I was in such relief and beyond excited that I managed to get the ball in the net.”

With Rouse’s goal, the Builders improved their record to 8-3 after today’s win.

“Concordia was a tough match, but we all pushed and fought and went out with the win, and I believe we as a team deserved it,” said Rouse.

Wood said, “We were a different team in overtime, and the girls really like to play out of the 3-5-2 formation, so it’s nice to have a team that is smart enough to play a couple of different formations.”

The Builders had 7-13 shots and 3-4 shots on goal in a close game.

“The game was a good test for us and was our last non-conference game,” said Wood.

The Lady Moundbuilders will play their next game on Friday against Friends at 6 p.m. at the Richard L. Jantz Stadium.