By Dru Pelter
Staff reporter

After trailing 1-0 through 84 minutes the Builder’s women soccer team came back to win 3-2 against Friends University. The first two goals were scored by forward, Abbie Woods, the game winning goal came off the foot of midfielder Vanessa Paredes.

The last goal was scored with one minute left. As the ball hit the back of the net the crowd started to celebrate. The Builder’s improve their record to 5-5-1, and Friends are looking at a similar 5-5 record.

Vanessa Paredes, junior, majoring in physical education, said, “I just listened to my teammates and shot the goal. It was crazy when I saw the ball going in. The girls deserve it, they’ve been working really hard. At the beginning of the game we didn’t play our game we played theirs and we were just worried too much about the other girls and the second half we played our game and got the best result. If we do that the whole season, I believe we can go far.”

Paredes described the game as amazing and said, “Not a lot of people can come back like that, everybody else might put their heads down but we didn’t. I’m proud of my girls because if we lost this game it probably would’ve came back to really hurt us in the end.”

Allison Totty, senior midfielder, said, “The last goal by Vanessa was literally the most uplifting feeling in the world because there is nothing worse than going into overtime after being up in the game and having the other team take the momentum by scoring.”

Allison explained the end of the game for her. She said, “The only thought going through my head was that I needed to clear out all the distractions for Vanessa who pushed so hard to get that last goal.”

Dru Pelter is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email him at