By Joshua Eibl
Staff reporter

Saturday’s 2-1 win in the KCAC tournament quarterfinal over Bethel marks the most wins in a single season in program history and allows the women’s soccer team to advance to the semifinals.

Joe Wood, head women’s soccer coach, said, “It’s exciting to have the most wins in programs history and it’s a nice landmark for us.”

The Lady Moundbuilders record is 11-4 after today’s win.

“We play our best when we are communicating well and are passing and moving,” Wood said.

The Builders finished the regular season fourth in the KCAC standings with the first eight teams going to the tournament.

Bethel finished the regular season fifth in the KCAC.

The women’s team outshot Bethel with 21-9 shots and 10-5 shots on goal.

“The girls are naturally creative so if our movement of the ball is good we usually have a good game,” Wood said.

The Builders will play their first KCAC Tournament semifinal since 2013.

Ashley Soderlund, sophomore goalkeeper, said, “It has been a while for the team and I’m so proud of all of us for getting this far.”

Soderlund made four saves for the Builders.

Wood said, “It always feels a little special when you have the chance to go to the neutral side because it feels more like a tournament.”

They will take on the No. 1 seed and No. 13 ranked Oklahoma Wesleyan.

Soderlund said, “OKWU is going to be a battle and it is going to take heart to get us through the rest of this tournament.”

Wood said, “Oklahoma is a good team and we have to play our best.”

Oklahoma Wesleyan finished the regular season with a record of 11-0 and took down No. 8 seed Tabor 7-0 in the KCAC quarterfinal.

Soderlund said, “I think we have what it takes and we just need to show it.”

The Builders will play the KCAC Tournament semifinal against Oklahoma Wesleyan at 4 p.m. on Wednesday from the Stryker Sports Complex in Wichita.