By Taylor Forrest
Staff reporter

With a score of 60-55, the Southwestern women’s basketball team was handed their second consecutive conference loss by the Sterling Lady Warriors.

The Lady Builders traveled to Sterling on Dec. 6 in an attempt to regain some footing after losing their first conference game against Tabor Thursday.

Last year, the Lady Builders went undefeated in their conference, so these losses came as a surprise to both fans and players.

Dave Denly,  head women’s basketball coach, said, “We went undefeated in conference last year, but this is entirely a new year and a whole different situation. We are a new team and we have to figure out our own way.”

Despite the loss, there were still players that stood out to Denly. “Jordan Hobbs had a really good game. We were all slow in the first half, but she definitely took command of the second half. Tiffany Rieger also came off the bench with an excellent game and gave the team some spark to feed off of.”

Down by 14 in the first half, the Lady Builders fought for a brief lead in the second half. Denly said that Jessica Hobbs, junior guard, and Jordan Hobbs, senior guard, played a big part in this comeback after hitting some big three point shots. Unfortunately, the Lady Builders weren’t able to hold on to their short-lived lead.

Montana Rickey, senior forward, said, “We started so slow, but on top of that we need to work on our confidence when shooting the ball and moving the ball more. As a team, we don’t feel like other teams are beating us, but that we are beating ourselves. Most importantly, we need to get that winning mindset when we step onto the court.”

Jessica Hobbs said, “We might have lost tonight, but we played with more heart than we did against Tabor. From now on we just need to step onto the court ready to go.”

The Lady Builders will be given another chance for redemption next Thursday when they face Ottawa in Stewart Field House.

Taylor Forrest is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at