By Morgan Givney
Staff reporter

Students across campus received an e-mail sent by Sara Weinert, vice president for communications, this morning notifying students and faculty that campus, including all offices, closed at noon.

Erin Morton, physical performance in sports studies senior, is utilizing the day off to enjoy the snow and lounge. “My best friends and I are going to go buy sleds and go sledding. We are also going to have a snowball fight. I like snow days because I don’t have to do anything, I can just lounge around,” said Morton.

It was not all fun and games for everyone on campus when the snow began to fall. For some, the winter weather means that decisions have to be made. “This morning was a challenge with trying to figure out which events we needed to cancel and which ones would still be on. There is also the challenge to communicate the closings with everyone,” said Sarah Hallinan, assistant dean of students and director of residence life.

After the busy morning Hallinan is looking forward to enjoying the snow day. “Days like today are fun because there’s always a snow day buzz. Everyone is excited about the snow day. I also just really like snow. I like to walk my dog in the snow, shovel it and just hang out,” said Hallinan.

Chelsea Broyles, biology freshman, has mixed emotions about the closing of campus. Broyles said the best part is that she doesn’t have to go to Italian class. However, she still has basketball practice, homework and a test to study for. “The worst part of this is the fact that it’s a blizzard outside and I really don’t want to walk anywhere,” said Broyles.

Hallinan said that the café will remain open when campus is closed. There has been no official word on if classes will resume tomorrow. Students are encouraged to check their school e-mail for updated information.

Weinert’s e-mail regarding the closing said, “A decision on whether campus will be open tomorrow will be made later. Please check your e-mail for updates. The information also will be passed along through Wichita television stations and Arkansas City radio, and will be posted on the SC website. Stay safe and make good decisions.”

Morgan Givney is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at