By Sam Jones
Staff reporter

Pot-bellied pigs, meritorious awards and automotive body repairs.

These are some of the topics discussed at the Winfield City Commission (WCC) meeting on Monday Nov. 17 evening. Mayor Merill K. Gordon, Commissioner Beth R. Wilke and Commissioner Gregory N. Thompson made up the head of the WCC and as a result, ran the meeting.

The WCC meets bi-weekly, at the Community Council Room on the First Floor in the City Building on 9th street.

The meeting opened at 5:30 p.m. with the presentation of a Meritorious Award to each of Eric Jarvis, Chad Gordon and Greg Venable of the Winfield Police Department.

The next phase of the meeting was the business from the floor section. This is where the WCC listens to citizens and the issues and concerns that they present to the commission.

The first issue brought forth was from citizen, Samantha Towels. Speaking in front of Gordon, Wilke and Thompson, Towels presented research on pot-bellied pigs.

“I was wanting to know if I can get the zoning laws changed. Because the research I’ve done has shown that pot-bellied pigs are smarter than dogs,” said Towels. Towels’s request was to change the current zoning laws of where farm animals were permitted, to allow her to keep a pot-bellied pig as a pet.

“Well that’s something we could consider. Don’t know anything about it obviously, and we certainly can’t respond today because we don’t have any information,” said Gordon. “We’ll certainly discuss it (the zonal change) and you could sit in on a work session and we could talk about it a little bit more.”

The next phase of the meeting was the new business section. This is where the WCC listens to business managers and entrepreneurs about issues they have with their current or future businesses.

Chad Cullum is the manager of Auto Worx Collision Center on Main Street and 19th Street. The case presented to the WCC was to be permitted to expand as a business automotive body repair, on top of their already active mechanical repairs.

We’re currently there and open. We’ve been doing mechanical stuff because we can, and now ready to do everything,” said Cullum.

“My concern is seeing those parts that are left outside of the store in such an obvious location,” said Gordon. “As long as you can keep it neat and tidy, we’re happy.”

The request was granted and issues resolved.

Gary Mangus appealed to the WCC to establish a date for a public hearing concerning the adoption of a plan pursuant to the Neighborhood Revitalization Act.

“The Commission will establish December 1st as the date for a public hearing for the Neighborhood Revitalization Act,” said Wilke. The WCC voted in favour of the establishment of the date and Mangus’s request was accepted.

The meeting was concluded as there were no more issues to discuss.

Sam Jones is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email him at