By Hannah Watkins
Staff reporter

Small towns can be a difficult place to find entertaining activities. Finding activities in colder weather, on a limited college student budget is even more difficult. However, with a little creativity and help from friends, students can find entertainment in Winfield and the surrounding areas.

There are a few free things in town students can participate in. The Winfield Recreation Center has a basketball court and a soccer field open to the public. Students can get a team together and have a pick-up game. This is good way to hang out with friends, as well as get some exercise.

Another activity is to sign up for classes, swim, or work out at the Rec Center. Winfield Rec offers several courses, such as martial arts, spinning, yoga, and numerous others. Buying a gym pass from the Rec is $40 for three months, or $55 for 6 months, and swimming is $2 per visit, but students are free.

Jamaika Tagg, nursing freshman, often finds herself going to the library to find movies to watch. “When I don’t have anything to do, my friends and I like to go and check out free movies,” said Tagg.

The library has a huge selection of all different types of movies. It is free to check them out.

Tendai Kwaramba, biology and biochemistry sophomore, tends to do this as well. “There’s not really anything else to do other than rent movies from the library,” said Kwaramba.

Other free activities include catching up on homework, playing computer games or even going to church on Wednesday nights.

There are also activities for students that cost some money, but can also be incredibly entertaining. For example, students can drive to the movies, or to Ark City and bowl. These activities are a little more costly—to bowl is $5.50, and to attend a movie is $8.25. But, with lots of friends, these activities can be incredibly fun.

Lacey Hibbs, liberal arts and sciences senior, likes to do this with friends.  She said that when they get bored, they drive to the movie theatre.

By driving a little bit longer, students can go to the casino just over the Kansas border. Many casinos are 21 and older, but the First Council Casino, about 20 minutes from Winfield, is an 18 and older casino.

Casinos may seem an expensive way to pass the time, but  there is no admission fee. Students don’t have to spend that much money to have fun.

Eric Venson, business administration freshman, said, “I have been to the casino because sometimes I just like to get out of Winfield.”

Another option is to drive to Wichita. With a group of friends to split the gas cost, students can take the 45 minute trip north and go out to eat, or to the mall.

D.J. Adkism, sports management sophomore, said, “On any given night, I just like to drive to Wichita and eat there. They have a lot more choices.”

Hannah Watkins is a communication freshman. You may e-mail her at