By Chandler Hall
Staff Reporter

Uncork the Music hosts a series of concerts at Wheat State Wine Company.

Saturday, April 20, Alanna Royale will be performing at the winery. The gates open at 4 p.m. and the concert will go from 5-10 p.m. and cost $20 a car to attend.

Chris Tyler, owner and winemaker, said, “She doesn’t get out here very often. She is a great entertainer. She has an amazing stage presence, great energy, and she is a lot of fun to watch. She has a really big soulful voice as well.”

Katy Gomez, admissions office manager, has been to a previous concert at the winery when Royale performed.

Gomez said, “Alanna is pretty energetic, so I would say it is one of the higher energy concerts.”

The winery brings in food trucks for their concerts and will have Nieves’s food truck at the concert this Saturday.

 Gomez, said, “The venue and the ambience, because its outside and it’s almost always really nice out when they’re out there. It is just nice to hear live music outside in Winfield and they always have food trucks there as well, so I just go with all my friends. It’s just a nice chill place to hang out.”

There is also going to be a pop up vinyl shop that is from Ampersand Vinyl in Ottawa, Kansas.

Finding the Artist

Lena Pinkston, director of marketing and events said, “I kind of go off what I know, I go off a lot of bluegrass and a lot of off the grid kind of people. I do a lot of YouTube searches. I go through my database, who I’ve booked with before and how it went.”

 “I find the artist, then get the artist here and then get the entire place ready for it,” said Pinkston, “We typically expect 300 plus guest.”

Tyler said, “We do quite a bit of Folk and Americana music as well because there seems to be quite a following for that.”

The Heart Behind the Concerts

Tyler said, “The concert series kind of started as, well one, a way to get people to come to the winery. It was a fun way to get people to come to the winery and give people in town something fun to do. They really gained popularity, so we’ve tried to make them more exciting by attracting some better acts and things like that.”

“We’ve also tried to add in a little more value for people, as far as other things go with it, like having food trucks available. This weekend we’re going to have a vinyl record pop up store,” said Tyler.

Gomez said, “I go because it is something fun and unique to do in Winfield and the bands are always really cool and diverse.”

Gomez said it is always really chill, hopefully it is great weather.

Tyler said, “It’s nice as the winery owner to see people be able to interact with the customers and see people enjoying your wine and the space you provided.”  

Tyler said he enjoys interacting with his customers and seeing familiar faces at each concert, because of the following they have gained.

Pinkston said, “It is so fun to see it all come together, because I see it all the way through from beginning to end. It is so nice to see our customers having a good time.”

The winery is located at 23622 Springhill Farm Dr. Winfield, KS 67156.