By Gabriela Gamez
Staff reporter

Running in the fog and sprinkling rain is nothing new for the Lady Builder Cross Country national qualifiers Kelsey Buffum and Becky Gamez. The pair were the only two women that qualified from Southwestern’s men and women’s cross country teams.

Jimmy Bryan, head women’s cross country coach, said, “The wind made it a challenge because the wind was in your face which was a lot more detrimental.” This challenge was only one obstacle that the Lady Builder participants had to face, along with soft ground causing to slow them down.

Becky Gamez, sophomore, participated in her first national meet said, “It was amazing to represent my school with such little experience as a runner.” This being Game’s first time at nationals it was a great feeling for her to be apart of.

Kelsey Buffum, junior team captain, said “It was a lot more fun having a team mate participating this time, rather than the first time I came.” By being much more prepared for her second time at qualifying Buffum came in 97th.

Bryan said it was really great to have two individuals qualify. Having a runner who had been to nationals prior “it was really important for Kelsey to cross the line before anyone else in the KCAC” said Bryan.

Gamez said, “You feel really proud of yourself when you make it here” when reflecting on her overall experience at her first national meet. With family and friends there to support her made the experience that much sweeter. “It feels good to finish your race and fall into family’s arms to catch your breath” said Gamez.

The Lady Builder’s will take the same work ethic to make times and qualify when approaching their indoor track meet.

97 Buffum, Kelsey JR Southwestern (Kan.) 19:22.00

242 Gamez, Rebecca SO Southwestern (Kan.) 6:36.0 20:30.10

 Gabby Gamez is a junior majoring in communication. You may email her at