It’s hard to balance a trip to the library and finding the chance to play a quick video game, so the library has made it easy to do both.

The Deets Library has teamed up with Student Foundation and Southwestern College Athletic Training Society by hosting a Wii tournament in order to promote the library and to give the students a chance to have fun. The event will take place Friday from 8-11 p.m.

“I thought the idea was interesting,” said Brandon Hessing, coordinator of STUFU. “I think the library is a great place to hold an event like this. It’s always good to have a competition on the Wii.”

Elise Blas, reference and instruction librarian said she wants students to know the library is not just a place to be quiet and study, but also a place to hang out and have fun.

“This is what libraries are becoming, a place that uses games as a part of learning and to hang out,” said Blas.

The theme of the event is sports. Awards will be given for best costume, best fan, and best team spirit. The winners of the contests along with the winners of the games will win prizes, such as purple storm shirts and trophies.

Students will get the chance to play on the Wii, three games, boxing, bowling, and tennis. There will be three television sets for each one of the games, one for boxing, one for bowling and the third for tennis.

Hessing said anyone who wants to practice before the event should go to the Campus Life office which is open every day from 9-5 p.m.

“I’m the best on all three of the games. I’ve been practicing in the office, which is open if anyone wants real competition,” said Hessing.

Anyone interested is encouraged to sign up in advance, so a bracket is made, but students who walk in will be added at that time. There will be a sign in sheet beginning today until the event on Friday. The signup sheets will be outside of the cafeteria for about an hour each day.

“Depending on how this goes, we will make it a regular event.” said Blas.