By Benjamin Whitener
Staff reporter

What do women want? What do they want from a guy that is?

Some guys think they have it all figured out. These “ladies men” are very confident in their ability to get a girl. The problem is that if you look at the types of relationships these men have you will notice a great multitude of them don’t last very long and are extremely superficial. So why is it, that if they are such studs, they don’t have a long lasting meaningful relationship with anyone?

The answer is in knowing what women want.

I came up with some qualities that men think women look for in a guy. Some are way out of the ball park, and some of them are spot on.

One thing guys think women want is a guy that has the Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt look; pretty face, nice hair and so on. The problem here is that guys are expecting women to be just as superficial as they are. Granted, women probably like guys that have attractive facial features and nice hair, but are those really on the top of their lists? I find that women have an easier time seeing past a pretty face than men do.

The second quality that I came up with is a strong physique. This goes hand in hand with the pretty face. It may be something that a woman likes, but it still isn’t necessarily the main deciding factor in who a woman will choose to date.

The third quality goes along with the first two. The “ladies men” seem to think that women really care about what clothes a guy wears. They might be right here. I think that women like their men to dress nice and look good, as far a fashion goes. This quality is probably more important than the pretty face and strong physique but still not top.  However, how hard is it to look nice for your lady every now and then?

A fourth quality would be the myth of the cool car. A woman, unless she grew up with a hot rodder for a dad probably isn’t going to give a flying flip if you have 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 or if you have “rims” on your Honda. She probably cares more about whether or not it drives and if it’s clean.  So even though you dropped $1000 on those spinners, she’s not going to care.

Fifth and probably foremost, in the mind of the “ladies man,” is that he thinks women want a guy who likes to have sex all the time. How any guy could really think this is beyond me. Yes, girls like to have sex and all that good stuff, but maybe they enjoy doing other things together every once in a while. Surprisingly enough women aren’t the same as men are when it comes to having sex. They don’t want it all day every day.

There are some qualities I think women do want that guys rarely think about.

First women probably want a guy that is intelligent. Not Albert Einstein intelligent, but not the tool bag idiot either. I think women want a guy they can talk to, and being an intelligent individual can help make the conversation better for her. Guys don’t need to go out and read an encyclopedia or anything like that, but at least gets to know things that she likes and enjoys.

Second, women probably want a guy that has a good personality. They want somebody who is fun to be around and not always moping. They aren’t going to be into the guy that is full of himself. Be humble and put her first.

Third in this list is a guy who is good with kids. Women may not even realize that they look for this, but I think they do. If you ask yourself what the purpose of dating is, you should come up with the answer of seeing whether or not two people are compatible for marriage. Marriage will almost certainly turn out a kid or two. If a girl knows that a guy is good with kids, won’t that make the chances of her wanting to marry him higher?

Last, I think women want a guy that is passionate about her. They want someone that will be there for them and care for them. This is where the manly-man attitude has to go out the window. If you really want to get her, show her how much you care.

So we see that if we stop thinking that women are as superficial as men are then we will begin to realize what women really want.

Benjamin Whitener is a junior majoring in digital arts. You may e-mail him at