By Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter

Men have it easy. Five-minute shower, polo shirt, gel in hair and men are ready for the prowl. When it comes to what men want, some women are at a loss.

Most women believe that men are looking for a woman who might share some of the same interests. But let’s face it, how many of us really know about sports, cars and video games? When it comes to figuring out what men want in women, women usually consider the following:

  • A woman that is outgoing
  • A woman that shows confidence
  • A woman that shares knowledge in sports
  • A woman that is attractive

All men are different and have different thoughts.  But in reality, men value women. Yes, it’s hard to tell under those egotistic eyes that all men just want a companion.  Men want women who simply act like themselves, are supporting, care about the small things for them and will be there when the going gets tough.

I asked a couple of guys on campus for their input. Some of them said some of the typical things women already know, like doing their laundry, cooking and cleaning around. Others said they looked for women who were into having a good time. They wanted women who would enjoy doing some of the things they wanted to do while still giving them space.

When it comes to looks, men want women who wear less make-up. Men also prefer women who are shorter, attractive, have healthy skin, silky hair, nice legs and are athletic.

Drama is something men aren’t drawn to. They don’t care about what happens between you and your roommates or how your mom is nagging you. They don’t like the gossip. Therefore they don’t like you to gossip. Men prefer women who stay clear of the drama.

In return, men dislike when a woman shows attitude, is too loud and is going to nag him about every single little thing. Men look for women who are less likely to pick small battles with them and are more willing to let small things go, versus making a huge fit about an ex-girlfriend smiling at him in the hallway.

Men in today’s world look past beauty.

Color of hair and size of breasts aren’t as important as personality. Men want women who have a great smile and are able to think for themselves.

Francesca Di Meglio wrote in the article, “10 Traits Men Look For,” that men seek 10 things in women. One thing men seek is a woman who won’t take crap from anyone and can stand up for herself. Men are also attracted to women who have a life of their own and are able to manage it freely. They are also into women who are sexy without coming off as being a tramp.

Men seek women who have a good sense of humor. They want a woman who is willing to ditch the chick flick on the first date and enjoy a good comedy. They also want women who have a sense of adventure and are willing to do outdoor events such as camping, rock climbing and water rafting.

Men are beginning to show more emotion than usual. This may be hard to believe, but now men look to see if they can trust women so that they can come to them when they are feeling emotional. They want a woman who they can depend on along with someone who will care for them in small, insignificant ways.

Most men are all about boosting their ego. Whether they are fighting for a promotion, getting a better grade in a class, being the star of the team or winning a video game. Men want a woman who will boost their confidence above anything else. Men want to feel superior and want women to show respect when they speak.

One of the most important things men want in a woman is for them to realize when men want to be alone. Men want space for themselves. They need space and time to think about their things, private things that men might not want women to hear, or simply they want time to hang with their friends. Having “alone time” helps men unwind and release stress.

Although men are just as emotional as women are, they are not as open when it comes to sharing their feelings. So when looking for a girlfriend, men want a woman who is able to understand them instead of trying to force them to open up quickly.

It’s hard to tell that the above mentioned is true. Maybe everything we believed in was a little pre-conceived. Maybe men are just that much harder to read. Whatever the case is, we don’t have to worry about re-constructing ourselves into a completely different person. We can be ourselves around men and be confident around them. Now that we have a better understanding of what men want, we can satisfy them more easily. We won’t have to feel self conscious about our bodies.

Alejandra Rojas is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at alejandra.rojas