Hannah Podschun
English junior

There are a few main things that irk me the most about politics in general as well as current politics. The first thing that irks me is that I never know if politicians are telling the truth. Charismatic seems to be more important than honesty, and honesty is nearly impossible to detect through my TV. Also, knowing that there are certain gestures, words and ways of communicating that are known to influence the listener and make him or her trust you makes me even more wary. Another thing that irks me is that it is as if we cannot find common ground on anything. Often it seems that a politician’s main campaign points are how different they are from the disgusting other side. I understand that democracy needs opposition and competition to be successful, but I wish there could be more perceivable cooperation and cohesion sometimes. This especially irks me when the opposition is over something that is universally bad. For an example, I’ll use the issue of abortion. However, I am not stating my opinion on abortion. Very simply put, Republicans, for the most part, hold that abortion is bad and murder and Democrats argue that abortion is a personal freedom. What both sides fail to acknowledge is that neither side likes killing babies. Neither side is wishing that more babies were being killed. There is no bad or good side; there are just differing opinions about something that is already happening. Often I think that politicians and citizens alike forget how similar we are to those on the other side, and how there are some things that neither side wants.