Kaley Rodriguez
Elementary education junior

I think what irks me the most about politics in today’s society is fighting between parties. I feel that our political parties would have more success if they focused more on the problems as a group then as individuals. Every election you hear both parties mudslinging on one another and creating false hope for Americans. I understand being competitive for a position but making lies and creating disappoint for Americans is not an appropriate way to go. Where have all of the politicians like Honest Abe gone? As a future leader of America, I want to have political leaders who help out my country and not destroy it. I feel a lot of politicians just live in the now stages of life and don’t prepare for the future. As a future educator and mother, I want my country to be sustainable and successful for my future students and children. Having politicians who stay trustworthy, want to create change for the better and focus on all society problems within the present and future are the politicians I would want to lead my country. I feel that overall if our politicians can collaborate together our country will be more successful and we will have a better outcome for all problems we face as Americans.