By Hannah Podschum
Guest writer

The ideal library for me is much like Southwestern College’s library. Key components for me are helpful librarians/assistants, online access to databases/resources, working computers and printers, a vast DVD collection and books on every possible topic. A quiet space and more social place are essential. It’s also important that it is aesthetically pleasing inside and outside, as well as massive (to hold all the books!). It is warm and inviting with bright, fun colors that enhance the modern design. Architecturally it is important that it has a ton of natural light and is as environmentally friendly as possible, perhaps powered by natural resources like the sun. It would be nice to have live flowers, plants or built in flower beds so that there is an element of natural life within the library; it’s essential when you spend hours on hours in the library to have some faint reminder of the outside world. Coffee and tea are nice additions for those long hours as well. I know it is not incredibly sanitary, but a reading nook with pillows would be nice. If there was a library with all these components, and SC’s library comes pretty close, it would definitely be my ideal library.

Hannah Podschun is an English Junior.