By Elise Blas
Guest writer

My ideal library would have comfortable oversized chairs, not couches, with power outlets nearby.  Fluorescent lights would be replaced by skylights (natural light is better for your eyes).  We would have climate control which is better for the books.  We’d have a proper staircase or two, wide enough for two or three people to walk abreast, and an elevator for people that works (unlike the current freight elevator, out of service for 20 years or more). Group study rooms with white boards would be available.  A completely silent reading room with tables, chairs, and plenty of outlets and headphones would on the main floor, but not near the entrance so it would stay quiet.  A heavy-duty printer, designed for the sort of abuse we put ours through, would be available, but you’d have to scan your SC ID to release the print job to cut down on unneeded or misdirected print jobs.  We’d have a much larger budget so we can purchase more materials—a single journal title costs the library $3500 or more, and I won’t mention how much we pay for databases.  The offices would be easier to find so students can find us and ask questions.  Everything would be ADA accessible.

Elise Blas is an instruction librarian at the Deet’s Library.