ABOVE: Students are provided mental health resources and treats for attending the Wellness Fair. The event was held in the Deets Library and was highlighted by flu shots and the blood drive. (Cale Eirich/Staff photographer)

By Cale Eirich
Staff reporter

Southwestern held their health and wellness fair in the Deets Library Tuesday. Student government, Red Cross, Graves Drug and others set up booths to host the event. Students were encouraged to come to the library to receive flu shots, blood pressure readings, HIV testing, mental health resources and give blood for the Red Cross blood drive.

“I think it’s awesome that the school wants us be aware of our health and allows us to participate in an event like this,” said Curtis Rylant, business administration junior. “Letting us donate blood, get flu shots, and take mental health tests are great ways for the school to help students, faculty and the community.”

Students gather outside the library to sign up for the blood drive. Red Cross sponsored the event, allowing students to donate bloodl
Workers prepare to give flu shots. Students could bring their health insurance cards or pay a fee of $25.
Students fill out paper work to receive a flu shot. The Student Government sponsored Wellness Fair made flu shots easily accessible to SC students.
Two students sign up for the Wellness Fair outside Deets Library. Graves Drug, Positive Directions and 4 County Mental Health set up booths to provide health information.
Pre-Health Professionals of SC and the SC Athletic Trainers Society recruit students and hand out goodies. Student Government orchestrated the health event, allowing exposure for the campus health groups.
Graves Drug provides health information to students. Graves Drug was a sponsor of the Wellness Fair.
Students get important health information and a few snacks. The event was highlighted with flu shots, blood pressure readings, HIV testing, mental health resources and the blood drive.

Students gathered in the Deets library where multiple booths were set up for information on both physical and mental health. Many students who attended primarily to get flu shots or be tested for HIV left the wellness fair with a better overall understanding of how to take care of their mind and body.

“It gave you a chance to be a part of something as well as being informed on the different things at the fair,” said Jaevious Merriweather, sophomore biology major.

While many students are aware of the issues they themselves may have with mental health, they were also equipped with the information to spot mental health problems and lend a helping hand or ear to their peers.

Some individuals had to overcome their fears of needles, but pushed through to help the community by receiving flu shots and giving blood explained Austin Brown who attended the wellness fair.

“At the wellness fair I was able to get my flu shot, which took a lot of guts cause I hate getting shots but Mitchell convinced me that I need to get it and helped me where I needed to go,” said Brown, senior business administration major.

The wellness fair was yet another wonderful example of how the Winfield community and Southwestern students have worked together to make their environment and themselves healthier.

Cale Eirich is senior majoring in communication. You may email him at cale.eirich@sckans.edu.