By Blake Carter
Staff reporter

The hallways of Darbeth have been quieter than usual this last week. The reason for this hush over the performing arts hallway? Since Sunday Jan. 16, 13 theatre students have been in Ames, Iowa, for the annual Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.

KCACTF is an organization that puts college and university theatre at the center focus of their annual regional festivals. These January festivals are a week long and showcase the finest of each region’s entered productions, and offer workshops and other activities.

Roger Moon, director of theatre program, said the purpose of bringing students to this festival is to give them a different type of experience.

 “We take them so they can get a feel of what the theatre world is outside of a campus. So they can see what the ‘real world theatre’ is all about. And through this they can see what we are teaching them here and how it applies out there,” said Moon.

Allyson Moon, associate professor of theatre, went on to say that KCACTF offers a unique way of adapting ideas each theatre present at the festival.

“All of us share ideas through costumes and sets and productions, and through this, all the students can learn an important part of the theatre which is working together to make productions better not just for our school but for the whole region,” she said.

Moon said there many other things that students can take part of, like summer stock, which are summer theatre internships auditions that take students to work with their theater programs. Builders who have benefited from this program are alumni Kyler Chase, Brooke Rowzee, Sarah Frazier, and Jamie Garrard.

Students at the festival right now say that one of their favorite experiences is meeting students from other colleges with the same passion.

“It’s great to be in a community of people that are in your same area,” said Julia Faust, theatre freshman. “To be with people that want to do the same career as you and know what you are going through and it all it takes to be professional is really refreshing.”

 Blake Carter is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at