By Katie Vorderstrasse
Staff reporter

Spring semester has just begun. Large amounts of homework pile up, sports practice, various activities, and job hours start to increase. 8 a.m. classes seem almost impossible to wake up to. The time it takes to get ready in the morning begins to slowly dwindle away. Late night studying makes the mornings rough.

With the lack of sleep also comes the lack of self appearance. Rolling out of bed, putting sweat pants and a hoodie on is very common. Some students even wear pajama bottoms to class. We are so rushed in the morning that we are lucky to even get a bite to eat.

As college students, we begin to worry less and less about what other people think of our appearance. Whenever we get back from breaks we try and look our best. We pull out our newest outfits and nicest shoes. With time however, our clothing thoughts decrease. Ultimately we have the main goal in mind, to be comfy.

However, being comfy isn’t what makes us successful individuals. Throughout High School I played basketball and soccer all four years. My soccer coach preached, “When you look your best you do your best.” This meant every home game we were required to dress up. Dressing up meant no jeans, no sweat pants, no t-shirts.

We were taught that people would than begin to take us more seriously when we looked our best. It also gave us a confident boost going into the class room, which then carried over to the playing field. It was proven we played better the days that we dressed up.
I’m not saying that we should be required to dress up every day, but it would be nice every once in a while. This could just entitle jeans and a nice shirt. We should also make ourselves presentable. Even if we just wear sweat pants and a t-shirt you should want to fix your hair. Bed head isn’t cute.

When deciding what to wear, I do not think it is appropriate to wear pajama bottoms to class. It would be okay to wear them in the library for late night studying. But, if you wouldn’t wear them to work, why would you wear them to class? Being a student is like a full time job. It requires several hours out of our busy week for classes. Let alone numerous hours for homework and studying. We should take school as serious as we would if it was our job.

As a student I do occasionally wear sweat pants, but I try not to wear them to class more than once a week. I believe it is very important to dress appropriate.

Now ladies’ dressing appropriate doesn’t mean we have to wear shirts that are so low that it exposes all of our cleavage, or jeans that are so tight you can barley breathe.

Once it begins to be warmer it doesn’t mean wearing shorts that are so short others can see what color of underwear you are wearing. Have respect for yourself. You can look good without exposing all of your goodies for everyone to see.
Men, we don’t need to know what color the boxers you are wearing are. With the invention of belts you no longer have to sag. In prison men that sag are referred to “being available.”
There are also shirts and clothes that fit your body appropriately without it just hanging there like they are three times too big. Plus ladies like when guys wear clothes that actually fit their bodies. It’s the new stylish thing.

We live in a day and age were self appearance is the way we are viewed as individuals. As students we should prepare our wardrobe for the business world. My advice to you is to take a little bit of time in the morning. Think about what would be appropriate to wear, and prepare yourself for the day ahead of you.

Katie Vorderstrasse is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at