Above: The top five male and female candidates for homecoming court were announced at the bonfire. Each king and queen candidate received cheers from the excited student body. The five male and female candidates are below. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)

By Victoria Lybarger
Staff reporter

Homecoming court is the one thing that is ensured will happen during the week of homecoming.

Organizations and teams on campus have the opportunity to nominate one woman and one man, both of junior or senior status.

They are voted on by the student body to narrow down the list of juniors and seniors to five men and women.

Once the top five men and women are announced, another round of voting begins to decide who the homecoming king and queen will be.

This year’s winners of the top five candidates are announced during halftime of the homecoming football game.

The 2019 top five homecoming queen candidates are…

Claren McCormick

Laura Podschun

Hanna White

Melissa Larsen

Tessa Castor

The 2019 top five homecoming king candidates are…

Dmorea Horton

Darren Reed

Darrel Sitton

Felix Aguayo

Franco Poi

Voting for king and queen will take place this Thursday and Friday over the lunch hour outside the Java Jinx.