By Hanna House

Staff reporter

When you go to a volleyball game, what is the first thing you notice? Is it the libero making an amazing dig? The woman hitting the ball straight down with astounding force? Too often, it is the uniforms that attract a crowd rather than the actual game.

As this year’s volleyball season comes to a close, we get to say farewell to those spandex until next season. Although semi comfortable, they are constantly on many players mind as we play.

“I already have to worry about where my hitters are going, I don’t want to have to worry about if my spandex are rolling up my legs or not,” said Hannah Dierksen, senior hitter.

Spandex are not shorts. It would be more appropriate to call them underwear. They are no less revealing or tight.

I know I will not miss those spandex until next season. I dislike them for multiple reasons:

  • They are way too tight.
  • They do not cover up anything.
  • They can be pretty uncomfortable while diving and jumping around.
  • They are simply not shorts.

“I feel like spandex show too much. They don’t cover up enough,” said Jacqueline Erlanson, sophomore setter.

Some people point out that spandex are easier to move in. They are the same as regular workout shorts except for the fact that with regular running shorts, you don’t have to worry about them rolling up or revealing too much.

“It molds to the form of your butt which could be distracting to some spectators,” said Abby Warnke, freshman middle.

I have played against teams that don’t wear the spandex but rather normal workout shorts. They wore black Mizuno shorts that were not tight but lose fitting. They seemed to be doing just fine without the spandex.

After playing that team at a tournament, I decided I was done with spandex for that season. I wore just plain black shorts. I played the exact same as I did in spandex if not a little better because I did not have to worry about how much I was revealing. I could just play the way I played and I was comfortable.

Everyone that I have asked cannot give me a definite reason as to why we have to wear spandex. How did we come from women not being allowed to wear something that would reveal their ankles to women running around the court in their underwear?

“I hate the fact that a lot of people do come to our games just because they want to look at girls’ butts through the spandex,” said Kaitlynn Fears, junior defensive specialist, “It just shows that no one really cares about the sport, they care about what girls look like. It should be because they like watching the sport because we are good at it and to support the team, not support girls in spandex.”

The volleyball team is not the only team that has to wear spandex, the track team also has to wear them to compete in. I have never done track but I can imagine that they would be even more uncomfortable to wear for track than volleyball. Although we do a lot of jumping and diving, we never have to jump over hurdles or bars. That just seems terribly uncomfortable.

I feel that modesty is very important on and off the court; call me old fashioned. We as a society have strayed so far from modesty that it is upsetting. If we are feeling as though it is a “lazy day”, put on some sweats, there is no need to attract extra attention to your body by wearing clothing designed for the workout room. They are just as comfortable and not revealing at all. Keep in mind, modest is hottest.

Hanna House is a freshman majoring in communication. You can contact her at