By Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter

It may seem women’s soccer and volleyball have nothing in common, but during off season, the two teams share conditioning habits.

Since the resignation of Cori Broddle, head volleyball coach, Joe Wood, head women’s soccer coach volunteered to help keep the volleyball athletes fit until the a new coach was found.

Broddle resigned two weeks after the fall season ended. Dave Denly, director of athletics, said her decision to step away from the program was because she wanted to pursue other interests. “She was starting a family and had other things. We had, just like with any other coach, a meeting after the season was over and if we need to talk about some things, we do. And she just decided it was probably time to move in a different direction.”

Wood said helping out felt like the right thing to do. “I think that’s what Southwestern College is all about, working together as a family,” he said. “I think our athletic department under Denly is nicely knit and it’s one of the things he encourages. This is one of the ways to put those words into action.”

Taylor Kinnamon, business administration junior, has played under Broddle for three years. She said it was hard to see her (coach) leave. “Every athlete has a special connection with their coach. It was an emotional time for the team, but we have to stay positive and look at the opportunities for next year.”

Both teams combined special work out sessions for more than two weeks.

Kindell Copeland, athletic training junior, said a weight program was built and a schedule for work-outs has been given to each athlete to manage on her own time. Copeland said her major concern is not being ready for next season.

In the meantime, Denly leads the search for a new volleyball coach.

“We are hoping to conclude it here pretty quick. We’ve brought candidates on campus and interviewed them. The committee has met and we are going to offer a position within the next few days,” said Denly.

The committee consists of Denly, Mike Kirkland, assistant director of athletics, Marla Sexson, director of admissions, Dan Falk, dean of, and Dick Merriman, president.

Holly Rutter, assistant volleyball coach, has stepped in to help.

“Holly who is the graduate assistant has been working diligently with recruitment ever since the resignation of Cori and has done a good job of keeping active recruits, finding new ones and keeping kids
on campus,” said Denly. “We still have someone within the volleyball program working on that.”

However, Copeland has concerns about recruitment. “I think recruitment has been affected slightly because there are girls who have already signed, but since we don’t have a coach they could change their minds,” she said. “We have recruits, but not having a coach can be the deciding factor on whether or not some of them choose to come here.”

Along with the committee, the current volleyball team has also been helping to find a new coach.
Adrienne Vieyra, business administration freshman, said, the team was able to meet with two possible candidates. “We had our own turn to ask them what we wanted and heard what they had to say,” she said. “Of course we don’t necessarily get to decide who is hired, but we at least get to give out input.”

Although the women are excited to have a new coach, Kaley Rodriguez, elementary education sophomore, said her concern is bonding with the new coach. “Everything will be new for everyone. We have talked about what the new coach would expect from us and what we expect from the coach,” she said.

Denly said the new coach will be announced within the week.

“We are very excited for the decision to be made and to start Builder volleyball 2011,” said Kinnamon.

Alejandra Rojas is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at

Edited by Clinton Dick, Sports editor.