By Derrick Culpepper
Staff reporter

Southwestern volleyball is becoming increasingly competitive this season.

With three conference matches played, nine matches in total, they’ve split their entire roster into two separate squads in an effort to maximize their playing opportunities.

In doing so, they were able to compete with top 10 and top 25 ranked squads.

Jake Conrad, head coach, said, “We didn’t know how much of season we would have so we wanted to play against good competition and we have a young roster.”

This was also an effective way of evaluating every player at their respective position.

With their overall record standing at 2-7, six of their losses are due to partial and unbalanced squads. With a full squad, the sky is the limit.

This weekend the women will take on McPherson, a team that they have fallen to in five sets.

“I feel pretty confident,” said Tim Alaniz, assistant coach.

With COVID only allowing groups of eight for practice, it presented a challenge for coaches and players to operate as one unit.

Kaila Harris, senior server, said, “I think we are going to be really successful after beating friends in threes sets, a top team.”

A lot of pressure is placed upon this squad with student athletes having to balance school and sports in the midst of the pandemic.

This weekend will be a test for how the women will perform within their conference and promote their 2020 season.