09.23.09 Ottawa Gillis 005

Caitlin Smith, junior outside hitter, passes the ball to a teammate during the game against Ottawa University Sept. 23. The Lady Moundbuilders are currently placed eighth, and will be competing agains the fourth placed Sterling College at Sterling. The women are 1-4 in the conference.

By Samantha Gillis
Staff reporter

Talent and the ability to perform have mixed like oil and water for the volleyball so far. Still, the team is determined to find its niche.

The women’s next chance is Oct. 1 when they take on Sterling College. The Warrior women are currently in fourth place in the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference, four spots about the 1-4 Builder women.

Randi Dierksen, junior hitter, says the team’s biggest aggravation is with consistency. “A lot of it is mental—Coach keeps telling us we need to be almost arrogant when we step out on the court. Arrogance shows we want to win, we want to play,” Dierksen said.

Head coach, Cori Meyer-Broddle can see the women coming around, and said it’s about the team’s ability to adjust. “There are no set starters. I have ten girls I can put out there and know that they will perform,” Meyer-Broddle said.

“I am really proud of where we’re at right now,” said Meyer-Broddle. With a 3-9 record the team’s three loses were from competitive teams she said. “Friends, Bethany and Tabor are always the top teams, but it’s teams like Ottawa we need to win against.”

The women lost 3-1 to Ottawa Sept. 23, but the score doesn’t show the team’s improvement, Meyer-Broddle said.

“Our hitters hit .248 against Ottawa. That’s unbelievable, unheard of in this program,” she said.

In the first game the score was 25-19, but in their second game they came back 25-12, the third and fourth games went to Ottawa, with a score of, 25-22 and 25-21.

“We just lost steam,” said Kaley Rodriguez, freshman defensive specialist.

Dierksen said, “If we can play at our level, like how we played in game two (against Ottawa University) when we smoked them, then we can challenge any team. We have so much talent, I know we can get there.”

With accomplishment comes confidence, said Dierksen. “We have a lot to prove to people, but we can’t let that become a burden,” she said.

The women went 1-1 Sept. 26 in Shawnee, OK, where they lost against Oklahoma Baptist University 3-0 and won against Heston Tillutson 3-2.

They competed against the University of Saint Mary Spires Sept. 29. Scores were not available at press time.

Samantha Gillis is a junior majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail her at samantha.gillis@sckans.edu.