By Dru Pelter
Staff Reporter

Southwestern volleyball team set out to play Ottawa and Saint Mary’s (Neb.) on Saturday. Both games concluded in tough loses for the volleyball team, and each team that played gave out a great effort.

Head Coach, Carolina Garbato, was disappointed with how the first game played out against the Braves. She said, “We were prepared, and we’ve been working hard, and if we put into practice with what we’ve been working on, we would’ve been in good shape.” There’s always room for improvement and Garbato stressed that there is a lot of things the volleyball team needs to work on in order to be successful.

Garbato said, “The first game against Ottawa was the best game we’ve played all season but the players were just not confident enough to carry that on.”

Before the match up against Saint Mary’s, Garbato explained that the team doesn’t know a lot about Saint Mary’s, but she said she knew who the best players are. Garbato also said, “We just need to be prepared and play our game on our side of the court instead of having them dominate the game, we have to do that.”

There was a strong outing from the team captain, Sarah Loesing, junior offensive hitter, in the first game against Ottawa. Garbato said, “Sarah did a good job, she’s a great leader and she’s definitely the girls go to person on and off the court.”

After both games, Loesing said, “We’re definitely improving from last year, and we’re also showing progress every day.”  Loesing also responded to what coach Garbato said earlier in the day about the team playing the best game they’ve played all year against Ottawa.

Loesing said, “The very first set we played today was the best because we came out confident.” Loesing also talked about the next matchup at McPherson and she said, “We’re going to be in their gym, with their fans, so we’ll have to bring our A game.”

Another captain on the team, Rachel Vieyra, sophomore setter, also had comments about how the team is in a building time. She said, “So far, we’re just trying to work together and figure out what our playing style is going to be. It’s difficult coming in with a new coach, but everyone trusts her and everybody is working hard to get to the top level.” Vierya explained how she’s been seeing the team getting better every day. Vierya said, “We’re starting to get the timing down and everyone is finding their role on the team.” Southwestern’s volleyball team will be playing at McPherson on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Dru Pelter is a freshman majoring in communication. You may contact him at