For many years there has been a special speaker for the subject of sexual assault. This year Dr. John D. Foubert from Oklahoma State University is going to be the special speaker. Dr. Foubert has decided to separate the boys and the girls instead of putting all them together.

The men will be viewing a video about a police trainer who describes a rape experience. This is to help develop empathy towards rape survivors. The men then learn how to help a woman recover from a rape experience if she comes and asks for help and support. They will hear what they can do with their own behavior to help prevent rape, which includes defining consent and using effective bystander intervention strategies. The last session for the men is focusing on bystander intervention in situations involving alcohol and sexual assault.

“This will help a lot of men on a lot of situations that come to them when women are drinking,” said Derrik Larsh, athletic training freshman.

The women will also be having multiple sessions. They will learn how to recognize a guy who is likely to be dangerous to their friends. They will also learn how to help a friend who survives a rape. They will talk about how to get friends out of bad situations, and how to help their friends if the sexual violence occurs. In the end, the women who are engaged in discussion of bystander intervention scenarios and talk about how they can help their friends avoid risky situations.
“I think this is a good idea, not only because it helps us, but also because we will have in mind on what to do in the future,” said Allison Sheilds, marine biology freshman

In the end, the men and women will discuss the prevalence of rape on college and the various levels of commitment a university can make to educating students about sexual assault.

“I would really like for a good turnout, this will help a lot of men and women on campus,” said Dan Falk, dean of students.

These sessions will occur Sept. 21. The women’s session will be from 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. The men’s session will take place 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Both sessions will be held in Mossman 101. Donuts and orange juice will be provided. Students can also register for door prizes.

“I don’t think there can be too much emphasis on sexual assault,” said Kindell Copeland, athletic training senior.

Kaitlynn Munoz is a freshman majoring in communications. You can email her at