By Jonathan Woon
Staff reporter

Producing content for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has been fairly simple and is often done through the construct of words.

Video content on the hand is another beast of its own that requires more time, effort and skill from footage gathering, editing and uploading. Despite the amount of time and skill required, we all know how rewarding it can be when that meowing cat goes viral on Youtube.

Vine is a relatively new social networking application developed by Twitter. Vine provides users with simplistic video sharing capabilities for the price of none. Here’s what we think of the application thus far.


1)     Simple, clean and neat user interface- The user interface on Vine is simple. All basic functions expected of a social application can be found right off the main tabs of the application. Users can expect a straightforward, easy-to-use experience. In fact, it almost replicates the visual interface that Google brought to trend via Google+.

2)     Intuitive method of producing content- Unlike traditional methods of producing a video, Vine offers quick solutions to the lengthy process most traditional filmmakers are accustomed to. Vine’s tap-touch function starts and stops the recording process based on tap and touch. This mechanism behaves as an editing tool in real time hence negating the need to piece footage together in post-production. This is not only time-efficient but it also gives video production a new perspective. There are plenty of creative Vines now ranging from loops to GIF-like Vines because of this unique mechanism. No actual editing skills needed except a finger to tap-touch and of course an IOS device.

3)     Facebook and Twitter consolidation- Yes, we all know what it feels like to have Instagram removed from Twitter. Vine offers both Facebook and Twitter sharing options right from within the application. This is essential as conglomeration of platforms is almost expected today. Mentions and hash tags also works on Twitter.

4)     Dual sign-up options- Besides using your Twitter account to sign up for a Vine account, there is also an option to sign up with your e-mail. Despite the more traditional method of signing up, it is a good option to have as not everybody fancy Twitter.

5)     Fast upload speed- As only 6 seconds of video is allowed for each Vine, the Vines upload fast. The lower resolutions at which smartphones shoot today compared to regular camcorders also allow for faster upload speeds.


1)     Only limited to IOS devices- Similar to Instagram during its debut, Vine is only available to the IOS platform. Besides its non-existence from the Android, Windows and Blackberry ecosystem, there is also no browser version of Vine for the regular laptop user.

2)     Doesn’t save Vines to memory storage- Once done with your Vine, it appears on your Vine feed and is stored somewhere in Vine’s very own server. The application does not keep a copy of the Vine onto the device’s memory storage. There are several benefits to keeping a copy of the Vine on the storage memory and this feature should be included.

3)     Annoying auto-play function- When scrolling down the feed, Vines start playing on its own and although the stop button is provided, there is no stopping this auto-play function of Vine.

Vine has definitely redefined video sharing on social networking platforms. With its unique tap-touch function and simple user interface, regular users and professionals alike will find Vine a great addition to their toolbox of storytelling.

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Jonathan Woon is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at or tweet him @jonathanwn.