Pictured above: Cars sit in the parking lot between the cafeteria and the Christy Administration building. (Taylor Forrest/Staff photographer)


By Taylor Forrest
Staff reporter

Unlocked vehicles on campus have been targeted in the past several evenings for vandalism and theft of items out of the unmanned cars.

Dan Falk, dean of students, sent out a campus-wide email Wednesday afternoon that alerted students to numerous break-ins of unlocked vehicles. The email indicated that the incidents have reportedly happened over a span of several evenings between the hours of midnight and 2 a.m. Falk indicated that not all break-ins have resulted in theft though.

“We have two official reports filed by students of break-ins. In one instance money and an ashtray were stolen, but in the other report the individuals left trash inside of someone’s vehicle with the car doors left open,” said Falk.

Due to the break-ins, the Winfield Police, as well as the Southwestern Security department, will be performing extra patrols in the evenings and early hours of the morning. Falk said that he has proposed that these extra patrols should persist until the perpetrators are caught.

“Increased security will essentially be a three-tiered system. The Winfield Police Bike Patrol will be doing more patrols on and around campus, plus Winfield Police vehicle patrol will also be increased,” said Falk. “The third part to the system will be the campus security making extra rounds as well.”

Since the break-ins have only been focused on unlocked vehicles, students should be cognitive of keeping their cars locked and their valuables safe. Falk, as well as the Winfield Police Department, reiterated that if students see something suspicious they should not confront the individual or individuals, but should instead call 9-1-1 immediately.

If there is any new information regarding these incidents, we will keep you updated at updatesc.org as well as on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Taylor Forrest is a senior majoring in communication. You may email her at taylor.forrest@sckans.edu.