By Dru Pelter
Staff reporter

This Friday the performing arts will be presenting a variety show. Kaleidoscope will feature the entire division of performing arts in a showcase that highlights the talents of students and faculty.  Performing groups include the South Kansas Symphony, 9 Lives, A Cappella Choir, and the African Drum & Dance Ensemble.

Jeremy Kirk, assistant professor of music, expects a big turnout. He said, “We expect a full house since Kaleidoscope is a Southwestern homecoming tradition.” Kirk stressed how much the performers have been practicing. He said, “Students have been working on the material since the beginning of the academic year and their hard work will be evident during the performance.”

Timothy Shook, chair of the division of the Performing Arts, said, “Usually for homecoming, all of the alumni are here and it’s one of the more popular entertainment events to see how all the aspects of the performing arts are doing.”

Two alumni, Etcyl and Ruth Blair, from the class of 1947 will be at the show. Etcyl will be conducting an introduction to the show.

Shook said , “Etcyl Blair has had a successful career in science and chemistry, but he has also spent that time playing in an orchestra as well.”

Shook said he’s most excited to see the choir perform with the new choral director Brian Winnie because he hasn’t seen them in action yet.

Luke Nicolay, a junior majoring in music performance, will be performing in the African Drum and Dance ensemble and in the A Cappella Choir.

Nicolay said, “There’s going to be a lot of changes to the show this year. The choir is doing a few pieces that are kind of traditional but also foreign and they’re kind of fun. The symphony is doing a couple of short pieces that are really cool. Some of the pieces are classical and the others are more modern. The choir will be performing the alma mater at the end and it should be a lot of fun.”

There are new faculty members preparing for their first Homecoming. Nicolay said, “I’m happy that things have changed. There’s been a lot of different things happening, all the new professors have really brought a new light to the department and have made it a place fun this year. It should be exciting for the viewers as well.”

The show starts at 8 pm in the Richardson Performing Arts Center.

Dru Pelter is a freshman majoring in communication. You may contact him at