By Clinton Dick
Managing editor

You may be looking at this issue of The Collegian and thinking, “What in blue blazes happened to the newspaper? It looks like somebody put it in the dryer on too high of a setting.” Yes the days of the four-page paper at Southwestern are gone and now comes along the new, and very much improved, Collegian.

The student newspaper is now eight, smaller pages, as you may have already figured out.  In these eight pages, the paper will be solely focusing on opinion and feature articles. Some of you may ask, “Where am I going to find my news and sports then?” You can find all of that content right as it happens online at The online student media website covers all of the events happening around campus, including sporting events, and is updated daily. You can find stunning photography, video footage and results from last night’s game all at SCUpdate.

The best way to get news and sports updates besides checking the SCUpdate website is to follow student media on Facebook and Twitter. Like SC Media on Facebook and receive updates and a link when a new story is posted on SCUpdate. Also, follow student media on Twitter @updatesc.

The new format of The Collegian is not the only thing that is new this year about the newspaper. The Collegian will now be printed only once every month instead of once every other week. Those of us on the staff are not crazy about the change, but there are times to take a good look at the positives. College prepares you for the wacky world after you graduate, and the news and media fields have changed drastically over just the past few years. Many newspapers are focusing more on online media. The Collegian will still be as strong as ever, but the printing schedule change does allow for us on staff to turn a lot of our focus to SCUpdate, where you will be able to find every day news content. In the few weeks that the staff has been up and working again, SCUpdate has already had some great improvements that we believe you will find pleasing. The Collegian is not leaving, just getting a small, well deserved rest.

Finally, make sure to look on the racks for The Collegian every month. You will not find the content in the newspaper on SCUpdate. The opinion and feature pieces will be saved especially for the print edition, that way there is always something fun once a month to look forward to. It may be teasing a little bit, but what is life without a little bit of anticipation?

Clinton Dick is a senior majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail him at