By Maggie Dunning
Staff reporter

What can bring alumni, community members and SC students together? A spring choir concert, that’s what.

The last choir concert of the season will be on April 14 at 3 p.m. It will be held in the Richardson Performing Arts Center.

This concert is unique because it will include about 30 alumni and community members, a small group of professional instrumentalists and it will feature the newly refurbished organ in Richardson.

David Gardner, associate professor of music said, “The primary work that we are doing is a requiem, which is a work of consolation for those who are left behind when someone dies.”

Gardner says that although the requiem is about those left behind, it is a work of hope.

“It talks about death and how it is a terrible thing but, it also talks about the hope we have in Christ and the hope of heaven,” said Gardner.

Other works that will be included in this concert are two jazz numbers that will be sung by the SC singers and the piece “Horizons”.

Nathan Bales, a music education sophomore, had this to say about the music chosen for the concert.

“Some of them are challenging, some of them are easier. It’s very diverse. It’s going to be a fun concert because of that.”

For the seniors participating in the concert it can hold a lot of meaning.

Erin Buster, a music education senior, said “This one, since it is my senior year, is the last time I will be singing in an organized choir for a while, so it’s kind of sentimental in a way. It’s my last big hurrah.”

Maggie Dunning is a communication freshman. You may e-mail her for more information at