By Raul Orozco
Staff reporter

The women’s golf team was set to start off their spring season on Feb. 23 at the Northern State University Classic in Tulsa, Okla. However, due to the recent icy and snowy weather, Bill Stinson, men’s and women’s golf head coach, decided to not attend.

Stinson said that the weather wasn’t the only factor in canceling the women’s golf opening tournament.

“I had caught COVID-19, so both the women’s and men’s teams had to quarantine. The women hadn’t swung a club in that whole quarantine period” he said.

Stinson said that there was one of his players was looking forward to attending the NSU Classic. Lauren Sieh, communication senior, was looking forward to golfing at the same course her mother grew up playing at.

Two of the ladies on the team, Kylee Woffinden, sports medicine freshman, and Jordyn Lane, business freshman, both said that they felt relieved to not attend the tournament.

To Woffinden it would’ve been hard to play with the ground being wet and the lack of practice due to two weeks of quarantine.

“I believe that the extra weeks of practice will be better than playing in that tournament,” she said.

When asked what she was looking forward to during this tournament she said she was looking forward to getting the season started and getting back into the routine of competition.

Stinson believes that in their next tournament the girls will be feeling better and more confident with their play.

“I didn’t feel like going to the tournament would be showcasing our best effort and our talent. These couple weeks of practice will better prepare us for putting our foot forward in the next tournament” said Lane.

The women’s golf team will tee off their opening tournament on March 15 at the Ozarks Classic in Branson, Mo.