By Avree Sheppard
Staff Reporter

With 30 members and still room to grow, the ukulele society is off to a great start. It is an organization that is new to Southwestern, which came about after a sparked interest from bio-chemistry senior, Derreck Carter-House.

The ukulele is an instrument in the guitar family, which originated in Hawaii and became familiar in the United States in the 20th Century. The ukulele society is devoted to bring music appreciation to the college.

Carter said, “Playing an instrument causes blood flow, memory retention, and helps with problem solving.” Carter wants the society to help improve these traits among students. “I would love to play at a football game or other social events,” said Carter. His goal is to be educational and have fun.

Physical Performance senior, Alex Fernandez said he would like to teach people what he knows about the ukulele. “I expect them to learn basics of the ukulele so they could further their skills if they want it to,” said Fernandez. “They also can learn about the Islander culture.”

The ukulele society is the largest campus organization having 30 members.

The group is excited about their diversity and is still looking to expand. Lessons will be flexible pending on the participant. Anyone who is interested in joining is more than welcome and can contact Derreck Carter-House at

Avree Sheppard is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may contact her at