Education Professor Sheryl Erickson is the sponsor for EdBuilders. She helps to put on Trunk or Treat when Halloween comes around. (Photo Credit: Karrie McNutt)


By Emily Berry
Staff reporter

The 2nd Annual Ed Builders Trunk or Treat is a little part of Halloween brought to Southwestern. Ed Builders will be hosting the Trunk or Treat will take place at Keyhole Drive on Sunday, Oct. 29 from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Trunk or Treat is open to all clubs and sports teams at Southwestern to help hand out candy to local and surrounding town kids. Sheryl Erickson, Ed Builders sponsor hope for several organizations and sports to help out, “Hopefully 12 to 16 or so to help.”

The turnout is hoped to be near the hundreds this year. Erickson said, “We are expecting to have hundreds, last year was the first year that we did it and the Keyhole drive was just full of kids for quite a while. We shortened the time a little bit because it kind of dropped off after the last hour. We are hoping to have a few more trunks since last year was the first year.”

Trick or Treat is the best and most anticipated part of Halloween. The most anticipated part of Trunk or Treat for Erickson is “To say Happy Halloween to lots and lots of people.”

Trunk or treat doesn’t happen just like magic. It takes time to prepare and get ready for all the kids attending. Erickson said, “It has taken maybe eight to ten hours, we’ve met a couple different times and put together the flyers, went and bought the candy.” There is no need to buying your own candy, Ed Builders have purchased all the candy for people providing trunks.

So get your Halloween costumes and Happy Halloween voices ready for Ed Builders Trunk or Treat.

More than 600 trick or treaters collected candy from nine trunks decorated and staffed by students from different organizations from SC activities and teams. The trunks that placed first, second and third were in order; Football,  Leadership, and Quality Literacy Center.

Emily Berry is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at