Tri Beta's recycling box overflowed onto the lawn outside of the library. Tri Beta won the Green Team sponsored competition. (Dalton Carver/Collegian photographer)

By Dalton Carver
Staff reporter

Despite the small amount of competitors, Tri-Beta has taken the crown for the most recyclable materials collected during the week of Nov. 15, officially dubbed America Recycles Day by the College and University Recycling Coalition. Leadership came in at a close second.

“Tri-Beta won by a fair amount, but you could tell that Leadership was right up there,” said Sydnee Nelson, biochemistry junior and member of Green Team Southwestern.

“I wasn’t surprised by Tri-Beta’s victory because there are quite a few Green Team members in that organization,” said Jason Speegle, Green Team director.

The organizations that were involved included Tri-Beta, Leadership, SC Academic Press and Phi Delta Theta. “Tri-Beta was the first to sign up and were really enthused about it,” said Nelson. “They worked really hard to get their members to bring as much as they could.”

SC Academic Press, despite entering the competition late, performed very well. “They entered late last week, but they did excellent despite that,” said Nelson. “By the end of the competition, they had a full box.”

The overall goal of the competition, to collect as much recyclable materials as possible and raise awareness about being green, seems to have been achieved with the grand total of collected material coming in at almost 600 pounds. “With the visibility of the bins, I’m sure that students and faculty noticed,” said Speegle.

“I think the fact that we had four boxes full of recycling was impressive on its own,” said Nelson. “For the first time, it’s been great. All we can do is improve.”

However, with the amount of teams that competed this year, one wonders if even more success could be reaped if more organizations got involved. “Overall, I think it went well,” said Speegle. “I’d like to see more organizations participate in the future.”

“I think we’ll try to do something like this every year,” said Speegle. “Nov. 15 is annual America Recycles Day, so I’d like to have an annual competition as well.”

Even though many organizations missed out on competing, there are several other events in the near future. “During finals, we’ll have a group of students that are organizing a move out collection,” said Speegle. “They’re getting rid of clothes and food they don’t want for break, and we’re giving them to Goodwill and local food banks.”

In addition, Recyclemania begins shortly after winter break and the energy competition between dorms will be retried next semester as well. “And of course we’ll have our annual Earth Day activities,” said Speegle.

Dalton Carver is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at