Travel Writing’s trip to the Underground Salt Museum has been delayed a week. Originally scheduled Feb. 20, the class will be traveling Feb. 27. John Scaggs, associate professor of English, said this was due to a transportation misunderstanding and a van could not be provided for the class over the weekend. Instead of visiting the Underground Salt Museum, Scaggs encouraged the class to finish touring Winfield’s cemeteries.

“I’m hoping students will gain a sense of the history of Winfield, and will make connections between data they find,” said Scaggs. “Dates on headstones, names, ages of the people buried there, and so on. For example, are there a lot of deaths at a young age during a particular period? If so, why? Are there any particular ethnicities or nationalities that can be identified on the early grave markers?”

Scaggs said the students are working well and are starting to understand that good travel writing, like good fiction, is built up of layered details. “The students are learning to see that detail on their trips, note it down in their notebooks and then use it to produce finished and polished writing,” said Scaggs.

The class will meet Saturday morning and continue with their previous plans to visit Hutchinson. “The trip to the Underground Salt Museum is really designed to get students to understand that travel can take us almost anywhere, including 650 feet underground,” said Scaggs. “I used to do a lot of cave exploring when I lived in Spain, and I know that simply going underground is a really good way to bring students into a completely new and strange world.”