Above: Jah'Maizhia Cox, math education freshman, heaves the weight for her first time. Cox threw 8.43 meters in the weight, setting a record she hopes to improve on in the future. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Above: Myla Werschky, psychology freshman, flies over the high jump bar. Werschky was the only female from SC to compete in jumping events at the meet on Saturday. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Above: Zach Grey, business administration senior, fires the ball into the sector. After suffering a serious knee injury in 2019, Grey threw with a glide to compete in the event. Grey scored the first place position with a throw of 14.24 meters.  (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Above: Michael Taylor, business junior, launches the shot deep into the sector. The field event competitors drove to Wichita on Friday to compete in the first half of the Wichita State Shocker Club Team Meet. Taylor threw 11.29 meters in the shot put for the meet. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Above: Jah'Maizhia Cox, math education freshman, puts the shot with all her might. Cox threw 8.12 meters in the shot put as the only female thrower from SC to compete on Friday. Abi Kerr, pre vet freshman, wasn't able to compete in any throwing events due to a foot injury.   (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Above: Myla Werschky, psychology freshman, Eddie Ortiz, head track and field coach, and Manny Gonzales, physical performance senior, discuss Werschky's previous leap. The first day of the meet was for field events only and began around 4 p.m., finishing around 9 p.m. The following Saturday was when running events were to take place for the rest of the team.  (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Above: Zach Grey, business administration senior, slingshots the weight after his rotation. Grey threw a 13.51 meter throw, gaining the second place position for the meet. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)

By Lathe Cobb 
Staff reporter 

The track team traveled to Wichita State on Friday and Saturday Jan 24 and 25th for their third indoor track meet of the season.  

It was a long week for the track team, “If you raced at four you probably didn’t get to race till six-thirty” said Eddie Ortiz, head track coach. Despite that, the team sought successes on the track all day Saturday. 

The school record for the women’s 300m was broken by Taya’ Buchanan, senior. In addition, Larry Cotright, business senior, broke the men’s 300m school record. 

“I don’t take a day off, I just keep going,” said Cotright. “I feel great, I want to break my own record again” 

Adrien Jones, accounting junior, took home a personal record in 60m for the third consecutive meet this season.  

Along with that, John Davila, freshman, 1500m and 800m runner, Manny Gonzalez, senior 800m runner, and Bri Hulse, sophomore, 3K runner all brought personal records home.  

“It was a step forward because it was such a low-key meet, the adrenalin was low, and they still took it very seriously” said Ortiz. 

As they look ahead to conference just starting in little over a month, this meet has helped them get to know the running surface for the future. 

Next weekend they will travel to Pitt State for the Wendy’s Invite and Norman for the JD Martin Invitational.