By Kyle Hernandez
Staff reporter

There is a building that is on the south end of the campus named after Tom and Mari Wallrabenstein. It is called the Theatrical Arts and Technologies Center (TOMARI Center). According to Roger Moon, associate professor of theater, its purpose will be to educate and to create production. It opened in April.

Roger Moon plans to finish one of his greatest creations soon. There is a lot to be done still. As of right now it is basically a huge storage unit. Moon also mentioned that it will help with recruitment.

“It is one of the best technical theaters in the region,” said Roger Moon.

The theatre program is ready to start building sets. Allyson Moon, director of the theater program, is excited about the project as well.

“I liked the new smell,” said Allyson Moon.

With everything coming together, Allyson Moon also said that it will be nice to have everything in one spot. Easy quick access will make it more convenient and students will be able to use the equipment more effectively.

Lee Jones, technical director for the TOMARI Center, has witnessed all of the improvements with the building. It now has a room for painting, costumes, acting, sewing and other things. Jones is ready for it to be completed.

“It is really coming along,” said Jones

Allyson Moon said, people are excited about the new addition to Southwestern College. Not only that, but the TOMARI center will attract and inspire young actors and actresses.

Kyle Hernandez is a junior majoring in communication. You may email him at