The human’s ability to hate is uncanny. For several centuries, people have found ways and reasons to loathe, hurt, and sometimes kill each other over social differences amongst societies. Granted, even though most are completely aware of this unflattering truth, some powerful nonsensical force has driven the human species to continue this tradition even to this day. Hate speech has been one of the modern weapons for abhorrence in the U.S .This is due to the extreme lack of tolerance for violence. Through words and opinions, people have found ways to torment those who are different, yet avoid the costs of a physically aggressive outcome.

For America, hate speech is an enigma of its own. It would appear to be pointless, obviously rude beyond reason, and the general public might find it to be unacceptable. These views on the subject are true to an extent, especially considering the country’s status as a melting pot. The country’s immense diversity level certainly pushes for acceptance or tolerance, at the very least.

On the other hand, America is a place where anyone can feel and speak however they please on any given subject therefore giving hate speech the “ok”. For example, Reverend Fred Phelps of Topeka, KS, actually runs a hate based organization, and has been protesting in belief for his ideals and campaigning it on what is known as the “Godsmack Tour”. Citizens can protest, start rally’s, and even spread their ideals to the masses, so long as they stay within the legal boundaries. If this is the case, does that mean that America allows and tolerates a mass hate so long as one follows the rules?

The U.S gives its nation the choice to be mature enough to tolerate another making hate, an action that is generally frowned upon. This choice is more than likely, the reason behind so many laws towards being allowed to hate, and so many laws as to preventing it from getting out of hand.