By Pete Moye’
Staff reporter

Inspired by the prehistoric days of the internet, where the most fun thing to do was rate how attractive girls were on hot-or-not–esque website, is the brainchild from which Tinder was birthed.

Originally launched at the University of Southern California in September 2012 by Trojan alumni Sean Rad, the location-based social discovery application allows users to interact on their mobile devices to view users within a 100-mile radius. Users are able to view each other’s profile and photos to determine interest. They can either swipe right to “like” them or “left” to pass. If both users like each other then they can begin to message each other.


Simplicity. There’s no need to have to read long, lengthy profiles. While it may be shallow, users are able to gage their interest through five pictures most and a few interesting facts.

Legitimacy. By linking to users’ Facebook account, there is a more likely chance that you are connecting to someone’s actual self.   

Anonymity. People have no access to you until you choose to “like” them back.


Differentiation in intent. While some people may be interested in genuine relationships, many people currently know Tinder as a new-age version of a booty call.

Too honest. By telling you when exactly people last logged in, it may be heartbreaking to find out someone you were so interested flat out ignored you.

Overall, Tinder is an interesting experiment. It’s been successful in the tech world, winning TechCrunch’s Crunchie Award for “Best New Startup of 2013.”  By being virtually instant, it’s capability to allow you to get through tons of profiles in seconds, opens up avenues of social dating incomparable to much of what has been seen before. With minimum effort, it’s possible to get maximum results for possible later interaction with your matches.

Tinder transcends internet dating to a level where privacy is increased and intent is also simplified. Because of being known for its racy nature, it makes it easier for people to find exactly what they are looking for.

Grab your phone, navigate to the Apple Store or Android Market and download it. You’re only as good as your last swipe.

Pete Moye’ is a junior majoring in communication. You can email him at