By Amber Hart
Staff reporter

Do you remember the last time you had fun? Was it yesterday, last week, or was it when summer began? It’s hard to manage your time being in college. You have classes, exams, work, and any extracurricular activities that you are involved in. For myself, I didn’t think that I would have a problem with it since I am very efficient and responsible with what I need to get done right away and what can wait a while that is less important.

Starting out my freshman year Southwestern was great. I didn’t have very many classes and I soon got a job at the Registrar’s office. I thought that I had everything figured out such as when I would go to classes, work, study, spend time with friends and family, and when to get a sufficient amount of sleep. It was perfect for about two weeks. Then I had my first exams. I thought that I had enough time for studying until I got my exam back. I was shocked. I thought that I had done so well and ended up getting a low grade. I didn’t know what to do at first, quit my job or see my friends and family less often. I couldn’t quit my job because I need money and seeing my friends and family was one of the best ways for me to relieve stress, but I had decided to shorten the time with my friends and family.

I have more time for all my work to be done now, but with it being homecoming week there are so many different activities that are going on that I have decided to involve myself in. Luckily, a majority of the activities that I am involved in are in the evening, making it easier for me to have time to do most of my homework throughout the day. As soon as homecoming is over I would like to say that I could go back to my normal schedule, but that will not happen this October. I have three South Kansas Symphony concerts; two in the beginning and a Halloween concert for kids at the end of the month. That alone takes up a lot of time which in turn takes away from studying.

On top on that there are midterms in the middle of October. How is someone going to juggle class, homework, studying, getting ready for two back to back concerts? Unlike some who just cram and cram to try and fit everything in. I would make sure that all of my activities are not conflicting with each other and with my spare time study, do homework, chat with friends and family, eat, or get what little sleep in that I can.

On the other hand if you are someone who does not like to say no to people when they ask for you to help them out or to do something and you tell them yes. Doing that takes away from any of your free time or time that you could be using for studying. If you should over work yourself, it begin to stress you out physically and mentally. You might start getting sick and begin to feel depressed and fatigued. Know how far you can stretch yourself before your breaking point.

Some of you won’t know until it happens, others know because they have pushed this limit and slacked off because they know what is best for them. Then there are those who don’t worry about how it affects them and keep going and going until they get so exhausted that they fall behind in school work, studies, and co-curricular activities.

On campus there are fliers up everywhere inviting students and their friends to all these different kind of activities. If I decide that I would like to attend one of the activities, I make a plan to get all my work done before the event starts. If I am unable to get everything done, then I would wait till the next time the event comes up and I would finish my studies instead. But then there are some who blow off their studies and go and do all of the activities that they want and would have to rush to get all of the stuff that they blew off down before it is due and may possibly get a bad grade.

Getting all of your priorities in order is a very important thing, especially for college students who are very involved in the campus community. Without this important skill, you would work yourself to hard in the ‘real world’ and end up getting hurt or worse. Get your priorities in order; it’ll help you out a great deal now and later in your life.



Amber Hart is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at