By Tierney Sutton

Staff Rporter

Often times you hear about the sports team’s competitions, and their rankings but rarely you hear about the competitions of the theatre department. Saturday a select amount of theatre students will travel all the way to South Dakota, Sioux Falls, for a chance a competing for nationals.

“It’s going to be a long trip to the cold,” Jokes Shawn Knepper, junior theatre major, who will be traveling with the department to the Kennedy festival. “I am very excited, it’s a big honor to be chosen to preform our scene in front of everyone.”

From their recent performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, they were chosen by two representatives to be able to preform it in front of their region their region. Their region includes, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. They also have a chance to qualify for nationals that is in Washington D.C 

“There is an educational purpose as well,” Says Allyson Moon, a professor in the theatre department.

“When the scene is preformed it isn’t just competition, we get to hear feedback from other professors, this helps our students learn even more.”

At the festival there are also workshop classes to try and help build skills that will help theatre students, as well as possible job opportunities.  The Southwestern theatre department has been participating in the Kennedy Festival for around three decades,

Another great thing about the Kennedy festival is the diversity,” says Kenny Allman, technical director at southwestern.  “there are all different types of competitions not just acting, such as set design and lighting, and costume concepts.” Even if you aren’t necessarily on stage doesn’t mean that don’t get recognized for you hard work, which is a wonderful thing about theatre. It takes many people to be able make the performance happen, no one person seems to matter less than another in the world of the theatre.

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