By Tierney Sutton
Staff reporter

Even if you have seen the performance of “Dr. Faustus” before, you haven’t seen the original version that is being put on by the Southwestern Theatre Department. In this twist, the theatre department is putting a comedic, political spin on what is most commonly portrayed as a tragedy.

The performance follows Dr. Faustus, a man who is on a quest for knowledge and power.  “His insatiable thirst for knowing more takes Dr. Faustus to study dark arts. Because of this, he attracts Lucifer’s attention and ends up signing a deal with him to give his soul in exchange for 24 years of life, and his own personal demon,” said Allyson Moon, associate professor of theatre and speech.

To make this old tragedy relevant in modern times, President Donald Trump is going to be the modern day version of “Dr. Faustus”, and his personal demon is going to be portrayed as Vice President Mike Pence.  “This is not a show for those who get easily offended over politics,” Moon said.  “If you are one who gets easily offended, it’s better if you stay home.”

Dr. Faustus will be played by Scarlet Green, theatre, sophomore, who said the character was hard to find at first.  “I have played men before, and that wasn’t really the challenge for me, the hard part was finding Trump,” said Green.

Green explained that in order to get the character down, she watched videos of President Trump on the internet.  “There we some things I had to guess on, you can’t find a video of the president laughing, or walking so I just guessed it.”

Another aspect that makes this performance original is the use of an ensemble cast for the performance. An ensemble cast is when the actors are cast as multiple parts.  Carson Davis, theatre, junior, will be playing seven different characters in the upcoming performance.  “It was challenging to make sure that every character is unique and making sure they portray each person accurately,” said Davis.  “The show is an hour and a half long, so every costume change is a quick change.”

“Dr. Faustus” will be held at 2 p.m. on February 24 in the Helen Graham Little Theatre. “If “Saturday Night Live” is something that you enjoy watching, this show is for you,” said Moon.

Tierney Sutton is junior majoring in communication, you may email her at