Chairs that were removed from Richardson Auditorium sit in the parking lot outside of Christy. Campus Players sold these chairs to alumni to raise funds for the organization. (Clinton Dick/Collegian photographer).

By Blake Carter
Staff reporter

In the middle of the fenced off area,  north of Christy, sits a pile of old wooden chairs dusted with snow , that once lined the floor of Richardson Auditorium. But that wasn’t the plan originally.

Roger Moon, associate professor of theatre, had plans to auction the chairs during Founder’s Day.

“I had the idea once theatre alumni started to approach me asking if they could have some of the seats,” Moon said. “I thought the best way to do that was to auction them and help make some money for the department, so we were going to store them until we would be able to make that happen.”

Unfortunately, after some figuring, the cost would be more to take the seats apart and store them than what would be made with from an auction, so it was decided that the chairs would be thrown away.“There are so many parts and pieces to this process of getting Richardson done, sometimes bits of information get lost, and it is nobody’s fault. It just happens with a project this big,” Moon said.

So in a rush Moon and the Campus Players contacted alumni and other parties, who wanted the old seats for their own.

“I tried to reach out to anyone I could think of that had told me that they would like a buy a few seats, be that alumni or staff members from here at the college,” Moon said. “We just charged $10 dollars a seat plus a $10 if that person wanted a good quality end piece.”

With only one day to remove chairs, as Moon a hold of interested Campus Players created a team to remove the seats that were selected and get them ready for pick up. Moon said that Campus Players told more then 18 sections of seating within that day and got all them successfully removed.

Marilyn Craft, elementary education senior is the president of Campus Players. “This project gave the organization a unique opportunity to say thanks to all those that have helped in Richardson’s past,” she said.“It was really great to be a part of Richardson as we knew it, and as silly as it sounds those old chair hold sentimental value and it’s truly great to give back to the Campus Player alumni and others that really cared for Richardson over the years.”

Elizabeth Higbee, class of 2010, was one of many who purchased seats. She said the chairs hold. “These chairs mean more for me than just chairs in the auditorium that I performed in for four years. My parents and other family members went to this college and it’s really great to know that I get to hold on to little bit of history with these old wooden seats.”

Blake Carter is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at

Edited by Alejandra Rojas