Adversity would be one way to describe the challenges that the students and staff of Southwestern College have faced since the dawn of COVID-19.

Many events have been canceled or revised to adhere to CDC regulations. The performing arts sector has struggled to adapt to the changes to shows and rehearsals, the most anticipated show this year is Silent Sky. Silent Sky was originally scheduled for last year’s spring term, but due to COVID-19 all students and staff were sent home and the school year was cut short.

The list of changes made to not only the show but also the rehearsals is extensive. These changes include but are not limited to, a shorter cast list, which requires fewer people in a given area during in-person rehearsals and performances. No less than 10 feet apart on stage, in some scenes, the characters are meant to make physical contact. Less rehearsal time which limits the time that students and staff can interact with each other. Outdoor shows, this could prove to be quite the adjustment as members of the cast and audience may feel uncomfortable due to weather or mosquitos.

When asked about the changes a performance major Elizabeth Santana quoted “Its not fun being a performance major due to all the changes made and we don’t get to travel”.

However, a total of three cast members on “Silent Sky” testing positive for the virus understudy’s who were previously assigned have been forced to step and fill in the gaps with this production. No one knows what the “Silent Sky” production will look like but one thing that can be said for certain is that the time spent on developing this production should not go in vain.

This group of students and staff have worked tirelessly to bring this production to life. So come on out September 18 – 20 to see Silent Sky at the May Fete outdoors on SC Campus.