Hayley C. Weston-McClain
Staff reporter

On a Sunday night walking pass the Mound, into Mossmon it can be very dark with lights from around campus helping make the way clear.

In Mossmon 108 the lights are on and rows of chairs are set up facing the screen projector. People are talking amongst themselves, waiting for the service to start.

As everyone starts to take their seats the lights dim and Jonathan Woon, communication junior, will start to play the guitar for worship. Sometimes students stand sometimes they sit, but lifting their voices towards God is the focus for this time.

As Woon prays for the group, Jordan Barrett, sports management senior, prepares to come a give the message. In October the messages have been over, “You’re Dead So Now What.”

As the night draws to an end there is an open prayer time while music plays in the background. Students can pray with each other or share pray concerns that they have. After the time is over Barrett prays for the message that everyone received.

When the announcements are over the students are dismissed, and the room is put back together with desks and chairs for classes Monday.
The Venue met for the first time in August 2011.

Some may recall a group that would meet Sunday mornings last year in Sutton. The Venue is being led by Barrett but has moved to Sunday nights at 8 p.m. in Mossmon 108.

“It is a student led Church service, for students who may not have time to go to chapel or don’t have a home church here in Winfield,” aid Caleb Chua, philosophy and religion junior.

Moving the time became a good idea because, “At 8 p.m. not many students are doing anything at that time,” said Barrett.

Barrett collaborates with other students to plan this Sunday event. On average they spend two and a half hours planning to make sure that the service will be meaningful.

“It is more of a friendly environment, with a personal level of prayer for each other and an intimate worship time,” said Jordan Hobbs, biology sophomore.

To find information about The Venue you may contact Barrett or Ashlee Alley.

Hayley Weston-McClain is a junior majoring in communication. You may email her at hayley.weston@sckans.edu