By Jevyn Voss
Staff Reporter

When a money grubbing father drives his kids away there is plenty to laugh about.

‘The Miser’ is originally a French comedy that focuses on an individual who loves money more than anything else. All of his actions are to better his financial position, and this puts him in some undesirable situations that are considerably funny.

Harpagon played by Jordan Hill, psychology junior, says that the play makes reference to some things that are happening today.

Hill said, “The play makes mention to Harpagon being a penny pinching person who chooses not to put his money in a bank because if the bank over extended their loans the government wouldn’t bail them out.”

These references make it much more contemporary due to the adaptations made by David Chambers. With adaptations like these along with the quick wit of the original script the play is very fast and very funny.

Allyson Moon, Director of ‘The Miser’ said, “Because this is homecoming it’s important that the play is something that appeals to a wide range of possible audience members and I think this does.” Moon thinks that it is something that a lot of people will find interesting.

The emphasis of homecoming this year is on service learning on campus and ‘The Miser’ was chosen in part to support philanthropy. In this play we see what happens when you hold onto your money instead of caring about others.

There is a lesson in the play, but the objective is to get the audience to have a good time and have some good laughs. You can see this play Oct. 11, 13 and 14 at Richardson Performing Arts Center.

For tickets or more information call the Southwestern College box office at (620) 221-7720.

Jevyn Voss is a junior majoring in communication. You may email him at