Daniel Van Sickle
Staff reporter


Everything in life may not be awesome, but The Lego Movie and its headlining song “Everything is Awesome” will not let you forget it quickly.

The song is a glitzy satirical song brought to the world by the makings of Lonely Island and Sara Quinn. Listening to it might drive you crazy for the rest of the day but if you would like to hear it click here.

The song strongly matches the plot and theme of the movie, which I’d categorize as a popular culture satire.

The movie itself is such a hodgepodge of a movie with lots of popular culture references, types of humor, seriousness, and somehow always stays on topic. It is very surprising they managed all this. In case you were wondering, everything is actually made of Legos though digitally contrived. Even the water is surprisingly cool cinematically.

The movie plot is pretty good for having to cater to kids as well. The movie focuses on a conflict between archetypes, namely Lord Business and a group of creative superheroes led by a know nothing guy named Emmett who stumbles upon the title of master builder. Emmett is the quintessential go along to get along guy even though he does not realize it. He is a standout even among his fellow dystopian led co-workers who all don’t mind rocking out to “Everything is Awesome”- all day. Of course, he is unique and the chosen one- ah the chosen one – but the plot is still much more adult and different than you would expect.

It seems to me like a cross between Finding Nemo, 21 Jump Street, and Robot Chicken. Basically it takes the randomness of adult swim, the hearty fullness of Pixar films, and the bubbliness of popular culture and mashes it all together. It is in my eyes the epitome of creativity.

Finally, to top it all off it has a star studded voice cast including most notably Morgan Freeman and Will Ferrell. Morgan Freeman plays his typical type casted role as an enlightened figure. However, he has some hilarious defects and is not meant to be taken seriously while Will Ferrell, plays the only somewhat serious role, Lord Business, and does a good job at it. In addition to these headliners Jonah Hill, plays Green Lantern, Will Arnet, plays Batman, Liam Nelson plays bad cop/good cop, and Shaquille O’Neal plays himself.

I would recommend this movie to everyone. If you like it, according to moviefanatic.com you won’t have to bid it later crocodile, there is going to be a sequel!  I offer just one piece of advice: do not shell out the extra money for 3D. There are only a couple of scenes it was too noticeable, otherwise it is a movie just as good in 2D.

Daniel Van Sickle is a senior majoring in Business Administration. You may email him at Daniel.VanSickle@sckans.edu