By Ozzie Briesch
Staff reporter

Most of us know the epic battle of PlayStation versus Xbox. But most people are still asking the question, “Xbox One or PS4?”

The designs of both the Xbox One and the PS4 have a very sharp boxy look to them. Google images show that the Xbox designers literally put the “box” in the Xbox. It has a very simple, but sleek black look to it. The front shows only a small opening for the Blu-Ray compatible disc drive is as well as a little Xbox logo on the right. No buttons necessary for the Xbox as the power button is now touch screen and voice activated. Just by saying the words “Xbox on” or “Xbox off” (on standby mode) the Xbox One will do as commanded.

The PS4 looks like a slimmer, sharper edged PS3. The PS4 already has both a black and white version of a somewhat familiar shape, known well by PlayStation fans. The front has the similar 2 buttons known to all PS3 owners, the disc eject button and the power button as well as a disc drive compatible with Blu-Ray discs and 2 USB chords to charge the controllers. Almost all of the cable hookups are in the back for both consoles, including the HDMI input port for Live TV, (something the PS4 doesn’t have.) However, both consoles provide a beautiful crisp HD 1080 picture for watching movies, TV shows, or playing your favorite video games.

The Xbox One and PS4 console designs aren’t game changers, especially compared to the more dynamic-looking previous generation of consoles.

When it comes to the inside, Sony took advantage following E3 when Microsoft announced its strict DRM policy that did away with used game sales and required Xbox One consoles to connect to the internet once every 24 hours. The new DRM rule meant that there would be no hard copies of any game for the Xbox One. This obviously made Xbox fans furious, due to the fact that no hard copies means any sharing or trading games with friends. Likewise, they felt as if offline gaming should be possible, in case of internet failures, or lack of internet all together. This began making fans consider switching sides

G4 reported that eventually Microsoft was forced to change its policies in order to keep its fan base. They added a disc drive and reverted back to the old 360 policies.
PS4 and Xbox One will function like they originally did in the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation, which says gamers are happy to hear have not been “upgraded.”
Previously, Microsoft had used an IBM PowerPC processor, while Sony partnered with Toshiba and IBM on its own complicated cell processor that developers didn’t warm up to. writes that the Xbox One will run a heavily modified eight-core AMD processor whereas PS4 will utilize an x86-64 “Jaguar” CPU. Or in the English language, both consoles will have better processing power and speed to engage gamers in the action quicker.

According to, the Xbox One will start at a pricy $500, compared to the PS4’s starting price of $400. But when you consider that the Xbox One comes standard with the Kinect 2.0, fixed with a beautiful 1080 pixel camera you understand why the Xbox One is more expensive.

One major change of the consoles is the controllers. Google images show the Xbox One controller will be bulkier than in previous generations, while PS4 will stick to their DualShock controllers. However the shape and feel of the DualShock 4 controller will be modified to make the controller much more comfortable than last generations DualShock 3 controller.

With the official release of the PS4 happening this past Friday, and the release of the Xbox One coming out today, people have camped out just to get their hands on them. However most people were sadly disappointed this weekend as nearly every store sold out of PS4s before the weekend was over.
Sadly, the debate over which console is the better of the two is far from over, both sides have their loyal fans who will never stop arguing the features and comparing the software.

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